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Image by Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi

About  Beyond  Gourmet  Gifts


Located in Birmingham Alabama known as the "Magic City" my magical idea started with my love for designing and creating gifts by using candy and gourmet treats. I 've always had a passion for crafting and I was always drawn to the world of creating and crafting gift designs, spending a lot of time thinking about new themes for gifting.

  When I would enter a store I would make my way to the crafting section and become emerged in my imagination on thinking how I could do this and that, with this and that. So I took this and that and put my ideas onto paper and started writing out what became a business plan(very rough) but it was a starting point that landed me a footing and gave me some direction on how this passion of mine, (creating and designing gifts by mixing gourmet fines with everyday treats), could turn into something enterprising.

There were a lot of gourmet gift stores out there but they were all a little expensive and I thought, what if I could design gourmet gifts a little different, not just the treats, but the containers as well, and make them a little more affordable, and that was it; design the containers with themes, and "WoW, I found my niche and  I turned it into something enterprising, with a lot thinking and a whole lot of planning, I started seeing myself as an entrepreneur and with the full support of my husband, the magic began-Melissa Nichols and Michael Nichols ~ on our way.


Our way started back in 2004 where I was both an entrepreneur(trying), working from my home and out of a very small Brick-and-Mortar building that we named Party in a Bag, a High School Science Teacher, and putting in many painstaking hours of hard work(after teaching all day) but I so enjoyed every minute of it. Now, a Retired Teacher (working a little smarter but still a lot of hours) a full-time Business Owner (still trying) of an online gift store specializing in mixing gourmets with everyday treats; it turns out that my idea was quite an enterprising thought.


But this journey for this enterprising idea took many months of tasting some of the best of gourmet treats, (putting on a little weight) to find those just-right tasty treats, finding vendors that fit my business model (offer quality products at a comfortable price) breaking all traditional mainstays of not using baskets as containers (lots of gift stores with beautiful baskets) it just didn't fit my design model , and finding the right market (which attracted a large market) so I just took a chance and went with all the above and just let some magic happen.


The magic happened and it grew and grew into what has become an online gift store that stands firm on the same principles from which it was established and that is to offer quality products at a cost-conscious-price with satisfaction guaranteed. So, we branded that promise to our online name-Beyond gourmet gifts- offer tasty quality products at a comfortable price to our customers, with satisfaction guaranteed. It's a simple principle but, it works. We find that the simple things work best because it doesn't complicate our mission to our customers; again, Always offer new and exciting treats at a comfortable price with satisfaction guaranteed. Always. 

We hope that you too will find your gift at Beyond gourmet gifts

Thanking you in advance for gifting with us.  


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